Inhaltsverzeichnis Band 7

I. Hirnfunktion und Bildgebung
Current Approaches to Brain Structure and Funktion - ein Symposium
Topic I: Brain anatomy - still a challenge
Chair: F. Holsboer
The Munich tradition of research into brain morphology (Historical aphorisms)
H. Hippius
In vivo morphometry of the human brain: Applications to localization of function
H. Steinmetz
Bilateral representation in the nervous system: The model of mirror movements
A. Danek
Evaluation of human embryonic brain morphology and development of movement by transvaginal real-time sonography
J. Wissen C. Dudel
Three-dimensional reconstruction of the normal human brain and skull
S. Weis, M. Sramek, P. A. Winkler T. Hagen, I. Holländer, E. Wenger, H.-J. Reulen
Morphometry of the human brain in magnetic resonance imaging
S. Weis, E. Wengen G. Weber, P. A. Winkler
An automated procedure for the fusion of brain volume datasets
F. Kruggel, B. Conrad
The conversion of radiological informations by assistance of three-dimensional reconstructions
M. W. Gross, A. E. Trappe, F. X. Weinzierl, W. E. Goebel, A. M. Frank
Multimodality imaging of brain tumours and function-preserving radiotherapy treatment planning
R. Jund, F. Zimmermann, H. J. Feldmann, W Weber, M. W. Gross, M. Molls
Three-dimensional neurosurgical planning based an high resolution magnetic resonance tomography datasets
M. Knauth, R. Schmid, U. Schmid, K. Sartor, H.-J. Reulen
Morphometric data about the third ventricle and surrounding structures and correlation with neurosurgical microanatomy
P. A. Winkler S. Weis, E. Wengen A. Dahl, H.-J. Reulen
Neuropsychological assessment and MR-stereotactic localization in a case of thalamic cavernoma
K. Niemann, B. O. Huetter A. Thron, D. G. von Keyserlingk, J. M. Gilsbach
A case of rotational vertigo after embolic cortical infarction
K. Bötzel, Th. Brandt, T. Yousry, M. Dieterich, S. Schulze..33
Perception of gravity in vestibular cortex lesions M. Dieterich, Th. Brandt, A. Danek
A new case of severe amnesia after extensive bilateral herpetic brain damage: Neuropsy- chological and neuroimaging study
I. Uttner T. Yousry, A. Danek
Is there a locus for the retrieval of old memories?
H. J. Markowitsch, P. Calabrese
Dissociation of the site of cerebral lesion and expected loss of function after brain damage in infancy
R. Werth, M. Moehrenschlager
Cognition and brain-imaging - concordancies and discrepancies
P. Calabrese, M. Haupts, J. Ließ, H. F. Durwen, H. Markowitsch, W. Gehlen


Topic II: Electric and magnetic fields
Chair: H.-J. Heinze
Neuronal activation, a reliable indicator of function? 
W. Singer
Motor and sensory components of movement-related scalp potentials
K. Bötzel
Whole-head neuromagnetic recording in characterizing human somatomotor cortical functions 
N. Forss
Intraoperative identification of motor and speech functions: The Munich protocol
H.-J. Reulen, U. D. Schmid, J. Ilmberger, W. Eimer, U. Ebeling, K. Gutbrod
Localization of human cortical function with subdural recordings of early evoked potentials
S. Noachtar
Source localization in the human brain using Finite Element, combinatorial optimization and spatial regularization techniques 
R. Beckmann, H. Buchner G. Knoll, A. Rienaecker M. Fuchs, M. Wagner
Is there activity outside the somatosensory cortex generating somatosensory evoked potentials?
H. Buchner, M. Fuchs, H.-A. Wischmann, R. Drenckhahn, T. Waberski, M. Wagner
Influence of attention on stimulus induced changes in gamma-band power and gamma- band evoked potentials
K. Krumrey, A. Hartmann, L. Vogl, G. Dirlich, M. Heuser-Link
EEG Mapping during cortical activation in Tourette's syndrome
W. Günther, N. Müller, U. Klages, T. Baghai, A. Putz, A. Straube
Evoked potential correlates of apomorphine-induced cognitive changes in Parkinson's disease
E. Ruzicka. J. Roth, N. Spackova, P. Mecir, R. Jech, J. Tichy
Bereitschaftspotential associated with foot movement in Parkinson's disease
C. Trenkwalder, S. F. Bucher, W. Paulus, W. H. Oertel
Bilateral cortical activation in persistent mirror movements
M. Maver, K. Bötzel, W. Paulus, H. Plendl, D. Pröckl, A. Danek
Surgery of subcortical lesions in the motor strip combining a stereotactically guided mini-craniotomy with electrophysiological mapping of the motor cortex
W. Eisner, U. Steude, E. Waidhauser, K. Bise, U. D. Schmid
Language functions of premotor areas of the left hemisphere: Evidence from intraoperative language monitoring
J. Ilmberger, U. Schmid, H.-J. Reinen, W Eimer
Syntactic incongruencies in the Turkish language: electrophysiological findings 
T. F. Münte, E. Anvari, S. Johannes
A plea for multi-purpose multi-channel planar SQUID-magnetometers:
I. System Description M. Berghoff; D. Drunk, A. Schnabel
A plea for multi-purpose multi-channel planar SQUID-magnetometers: II. Recordings from the cerebral and peripheral somatosensory system 
G. Curio, B.-M. Mackert, M. Berghoff, W Müller, H.-J. Scheer, P. Marx


Topic III: Images of Brain Function
Chair: H. Hundeshagen
Investigation of neuronal structure and function with infrared videomicroscopy
F. Dodt, W. Ziegelgänsberger
Scientific and technical strategy for recording accurate functional Images with PET
T. Jones
Mapping human brain functions non-invasively
C. Dettmers, K M. Stepwan, R. Frackowiak
Results and clinical Impact of functional magnetic resonance imaging
R. Brüning, T. Yousry, S. F. Becher, M. Reiser
PET studies of aphasia at rest and during activation
K. Herholz, H. Karbe, J. Kessler, M. Ghaemi, V. A. Holthoff, W. D. Heiss
Contribution of SPECT and PET in clinical practice
P. Bartenstein
Functional 2D and 3D MR imaging of cortical motor areas: a comparison
K. C. Seelos, S. F. Becher, M. K Stehling, W. H. Oertel, M. Reiser
SPECT findings and implicit memory during transient global amnesia
A. Buck, K. Henke, Ch. Röhrenbach
Functional imaging and functional spectroscopy during motor activation
E. Feifel, J. Hennig, Th. Ernst, N. Bolo, G. Deuschl
Determining the topography of the motor band area in healthy subjects by fMRI
D. Schmidt, T. Yousry; U. Schmid, G. Leinsinger, M. Reiser
Localization of the motor hand area determined by functional MRI and anatomical specimens
T. Yousrv, U. Schmid, D. Schmidt, P. A. Winkler, A. Jassoy, A. Peraud, M. Reiser
Functional imaging of the brain using MRI as non-invasive method to identify the cortical areas of perioral motor functions
S. Ulmer, A. Jassoy, U. D. Schmid, W Eimer, J. Ilmberger, D. Heiss, T. Yousry
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) indicates a disturbed motor cortex activation in schizophrenia
J. Schröder, L. R. Schad, F. Wenz, M. V. Knopp, R. Niethammer, K. Baudendistel, A. Stockert 
Functional MRI of the cortical hand motor area in patients with persistent mirror movements
G. Leinsinger, D. Heiss, A. Jassoy, G. Küffer, A. Danek
Functional MRI in 15 patients recovered from motor stroke
J. H. Faiss, M. Rijntjes, G. Leonhardt, M. Jüptner, T. Bauermann, M. Krams, C. Kappeler H.-C. Diener, C. Weiller
Functional magnetic resonance imaging of basal ganglia during motor activity
S. F. Bucher, K. C. Seelos, M. K. Stehling, W. H. Oertel, W. Paulus, M. Reiser
The role of the cerebellum in timing - a PET study
M. Rijntjes, M. Jüptner C. Weiller D. Timmann, J. Faiss, M. Krams, G. Leonhardt, H.-C. Diener
Functional MRI detects dysfunctional activation within the dentato-rubro-olivary path way in a patient with palatal myoclonus
H. Boecker, A. Kleinschmidt, A. Weindl, B. Conrad, W. Hänicke, J. Frahm
Cerebral activation during speech processing as demonstrated by functional MR- spectroscopy and functional MR-imaging
M. Hermann, S. Jost, T. Ernst, J. Hennig, C. W. Wallesch
Language representation and handedness in normal subjects: a PET study
M. Krams, C. Weiller, M. Rijntjes, J. Faiss, H.-C. Diener
Recovery from aphasia after stroke, a positron emission tomography study
G. Leonhardt, M. Rijntjes, C. Isensee, S. P. Müller, M. Krams, J. Faiss, W. Huber, J. Noth, H.-C. Diener, C. Weiller
Assessment of localized brain activation elicited by transcranial electric stimulation (TES) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). A feasibility study.
S. A. Brandt, T. L. Davis, H. Obrig, B.-U. Meyer, J. W. Belliveau, B. R. Rosen, A. ViIlringer
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in epilepsy
H. G. Wieser, C. Duc, D. Meier, P. Boesiger
Cortical tuning: Stimulus preceding regional blood flow increase in a somatosensory detection task
S. Knecht, M. Deppe, M. Bäcker
Activation of different cortical areas during the initiation and performance of voluntary movements
S. Knecht, M. Deppe, T. Schimke
Functional cortical interaction patterns in cognitive activation studies of cerebral blood flow: From factor to path analysis
H. L. Lagreze, A. Hartmann, A. Deister
Xenon-CT and PET studies before and after acetazolamide (Diamox) application in patients with cerebrovascular diseases
B. Haubitz, T. Koch, H. E. Heissler W. Burchert, E. Rickels, K. Holl, H. Becker

Various Topics
Transcranial duplex color-flow imaging in cerebrovascular disease
E. Bartels, S.-O. Rodiek, K A. Flügel
Psychopathology and visuo-motor tasks in schizophrenic patients to assess cortico-subcortical dysfunction
U. Bauer, B. Gallhofer, H. Gruppe
Glutamate in pyridoxine dependent epilepsy: neurotoxic glutamate concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid and itsnormalization by pyridoxine
F. A. M. Baumeister, W Gsell, Y. S. Shin, J. Egger


Concluding remarks
Reflections of an amateur, a symposium dinner speech
R. Haas
Current approaches to brain structure and function: Summary
H.-J. Freund


II. Verleihung der Ernst Jung-Medaille in Gold 1995
Verleihung des Ernst Jung-Preises für Medizin 1995
H. Möller
E. Kottkamp
Prof. Dr. med. Christian Herfarth, Heidelberg, 
auf Prof. Dr, med. Dr. h. c. mult. Friedrich Stelzner, Bonn
Annahme und Dank F. Stelzner
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Walter Siegenthaler, Zürich,
auf Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. mult. Anthony S. Fauci, Bethesda, USA
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Otmar Schober, Münster,
auf Prof. Samuel A. Wehs, Jr. M. D., St. Louis, USA
Annahme und Dank
A. S. Fauci
Annahme und Dank
S. A. Wells
Verabschiedung des ausscheidenden Kuratoriumsmitglieds
Professor Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Walter Siegenthaler, Zürich
R. Haas
Worte des Dankes anläßlich der Verabschiedung aus dem Kuratorium
W. Siegenthaler
Rede am 19. 5. 1995 beim festlichen Abendessen 
R. Haas


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