Groundbreaking science

Groundbreaking science

The aim of the Jung Foundation for Science and Research is to promote the advancement of human medicine in Germany and internationally.

When the laureates receive special recognition for their work from the Jung Foundation for Science and Research, it is considered partly an honour for their achievements and partly as ‘provisions’ for their continuing journey towards important new research results. The candidates for the awards are proposed by leading representatives of the discipline in the Board of Trustees and selected in coordination with the Scientific Advisory Board.

Three prizes for top medical work are awarded in the scope of the foundation’s activity.

The Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine is dedicated to persons and projects which give hope for new approaches to treatment.

The Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine honours contributions to medical progress which have largely already been completed.

The Ernst Jung Career Advancement Award for Medical Research enables top medical specialists working abroad to continue their research in Germany.

Together, annual prices and awards amount to € 540,000. The award ceremony in Hamburg is a highlight of the foundation's activities each year.


Prize awards 2017

The laureates received their distinctions at the award ceremony of the Jung Foundation in Hamburg on 19 May 2017. The event was presented by the TV presenter and medical journalist Vera Cordes.