The founder Ernst Jung

The founder Ernst Jung

Ernst Jung was an important Hamburg entrepreneur as well as a great friend and supporter of the sciences.

Ernst Jung achieved great things and shared generously: He was not only an important Hamburg entrepreneur, but also a great friend and supporter of the sciences. He was born on 18 May 1896 in Briensdorf, East Prussia. His family moved to Hamburg in 1897 with the initial intent of moving to the USA from there. But the gateway to the world became home to them; the city appealed to the family so much that they decided to stay. After his school education, Ernst Jung completed a course of studies in business. Like nearly all young men of his generation, he had to take part in World War I. He ended up serving in Turkey. After the war, he joined an oil import company in 1919. Just one year later, at the age of only 24, he founded an oil import company and a ship-owning company of his own, and also acted as sales manager for an American oil company for some time.


Brain drain

The Jung Foundation is actively committed to combating the ‘brain drain,’ i.e. the tendency for highly qualified people to move abroad.

In 2017 the Ernst Jung Career Advancement Award, which is worth 210,000 euros, honoured Dr. med. Lena Seifert from the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus of the Technical University of Dresden.

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