The founder Ernst Jung

The founder Ernst Jung

Ernst Jung married Claere Müller in 1929. The year also brought new life circumstances in his profession: He founded Hamburger Mineralöl-Werke Ernst Jung (Ernst Jung Mineral Oil Works in Hamburg). The company owned refineries in Wilhelmsburg, a harbour railway in Stade and a fuel depot in Stadersand. Ernst Jung focused on state-of-the-art industrial technology and invested in innovations. This enthusiasm for advancement and progress later shaped his dedication as a philanthropist.

Restoring the company after World War II required extensive technological innovations. Again, Ernst Jung invested in more plants on land. He also expanded the company’s own fleet of tankers.

As the oil industry entails, Ernst Jung’s company maintained international trade relations, entered into partnerships all over the world and founded foreign subsidiaries. The range of the Foundation’s work is characterised by internationality to this day.

Ernst Jung’s entrepreneurial activity was shaped by cosmopolitanism, courage and far-sightedness. In his private life, he enjoyed music, philosophy and religion and was a philanthropist who generously supported charitable projects. With a total of three foundations, he and his wife ensured that their fortune is put to the service of the people to this very day.


Award ceremony 2015

The next award ceremony will be held at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg on 8 May 2015.

Brain drain

The Jung Foundation is actively committed to combating the ‘brain drain,’ i.e. the tendency for highly qualified people to move abroad.