Award-winning medicine

Award-winning medicine

The aim of the Jung Foundation for Science and Research is to promote the advancement of human medicine in Germany and internationally.
The Jung Foundation promotes basic research in human medicine and especially the further research of clinical importance which builds upon it and which can contribute to the future of treatment.

The Jung Foundation is deliberately international and interdisciplinary in its interests. To this end, the foundation establishes platforms for scientific communication beyond national and disciplinary borders. The foundation is dedicated to harmony between theory and practice which radiates inspiration, incentives and innovations.

The Jung Foundation's activities are committed to the ideal of human medical science and healing arts. They serve to continuously improve the state of medical knowledge, treatment options and patient comfort.
The Jung Foundation provides support for top researchers and their projects in the form of the Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine, the Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine and the Ernst Jung Career Advancement Award for Medical Research. The Prize for Medicine and the Career Advancement Award rank among the highest awards of their category throughout Europe. The annual award ceremony is a highlight of the foundation’s activities.

Jung-Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Forschung
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Verena Strasoldo

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40 Years of Excellence in Medecine

For further information about the Jung-Stiftung and it's history please refer to the booklet of the jubilee 2016, which you can download below as a PDF: