Prerequisite: Once funding has been approved, the doctoral student must take a break from medical studies at the medical faculty of the University of Hamburg and start the demanding research project full-time for one year. The entire working time must be dedicated to research.  However, the consideration of family and care periods is possible.

Selection procedure: The selection of candidates is made by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Jung Foundation for Science and Research. A maximum of ten candidates will will be selected for the final selection round. They will be invited to a meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board to present their research project in three minutes in English. The Foundation offers the candidates the opportunity to provide two PowerPoint slides in advance. Afterwards, the members of the Scientific Advisory Board will ask questions about the planned project for two minutes.

Application Deadline:  Applications for the Jung Fellowhip for medicine 2024 have closed. We thank all applicants.

Application documents: An application for the Jung Fellowship consists of the following elements, which can be easily completed and uploaded on this site. Please note that we require that all information is provided in English:

  • Personal details
  • Description of the doctoral project including the title of the project (max. 450 words)
  • Title of your doctoral project in one sentence
  • Justification of the choice of topic from previous study experience (max. 60 words)
  • Curriculum vitae (PDF format; max. 1 page)
  • Letter of recommendation from the receiving sponsor - person authorized to award a doctorate at a medical faculty (max. 1 page)


Contact: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the management of the Jung Foundation for Science and Research, Verena Strasoldo, phone 040 880 80 51, or send an email to