Jung Foundation offers a forum for renowned researchers: 3rd Jung Symposium with Türeci, Rose-John and Mrestani at the UKE and via live stream on 5 May 2023

Hamburg, 11/04/2023. What possibilities do mRNA agents open up for future cancer treatments? How can autoimmune diseases be combated with greater precision? And how do point mutations in the CACNA1A gene influence the onset of epilepsy and migraines? The 3rd Jung Symposium “Excellent medicine 2023” is the place to be for anyone who is intrigued by these questions. Here, the Jung Foundation for Science and Research will be unveiling the outstanding research findings of this year’s laureates. Attendees can look forward to talks by the doctor, immunologist and cancer researcher Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Özlem Türeci, the translational neuroscientist Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Rose-John and young researcher Dr. med. Achmed Mrestani. The 3rd Jung Symposium will be broadcast live via video stream from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on 5 May 2023 and can either be watched online or attended in person at the Ian K. Karan auditorium of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Interested parties will find the current programme and all key information at https://jung-stiftung.de/en/symposium-2023-en/. Attendance is free of charge.

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Those wishing to attend the event in person at the Ian K. Karan auditorium of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) are invited to register at https://jung-stiftung.de/en/registration-jung-symposium-2023-on-site/ on the website of the Jung Foundation for Science and Research; please note that it is not possible to reserve a specific seat.

Viewers wishing to watch the live stream are kindly asked to register digitally at https://jung-stiftung.de/en/registration-jung-symposium-2023-digital/. They will receive an access link via email a few days before the Jung Symposium. There is also the option of asking questions via a form on the live stream page; these questions will then be answered straight after each talk.

Programme of the 3rd Jung Symposium “Excellent medicine 2023”:

  • “Nanotopology of active zones: key to understanding the pathophysiology of epilepsy and migraine disorders through point mutations in CACNA1A?” by Dr Achmed Mrestani, registrar at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Neurology at the University of Leipzig Medical Center
  • “Harnessing mRNA technology to develop novel therapies and vaccines” by Professor Dr med. Dr. h.c. mult. Özlem Türeci, BioNTech SE
  • “Treating autoimmune diseases: targeted inhibition of the pro-inflammatory activity of Interleukin-6 while preserving its protective functions” by Professor Dr rer. nat. Stefan Rose-John, Institute of Biochemistry at Kiel University

The Jung Foundation for Science and Research is committed to establishing international and interdisciplinary platforms for scientific communication, the aim being to combine theory and practice in a way that generates inspiration, innovation and ideas. With the Jung Symposium, which this year will be held for the third time, the Foundation has developed a platform of this kind, giving doctors, researchers, students and interested members of the general public an opportunity to experience award-winning research in the form of fascinating talks. In this spirit, the Foundation invites its laureates to share their outstanding research findings each year.

You can find further information on the Jung Symposium 2023 and register for free at:


The Jung Foundation invites anyone interested to attend; the announcement and further publicity of the Jung Symposium 2023 is expressly welcome.