Information for application

Ernst Jung Career Advancement Prize for Medical Research 2020 worth €210,000 awarded by The Jung Foundation for Science and Research, Hamburg

The tender addresses medical specialists under 35 years of age who want to work at a German hospital after at least two years of scientific research work, preferably abroad, to intensify their research work and strive to complete their residency at the same time.

Applicants and the host hospital make a commitment to exclusively conduct research work during the first year. The residency can start afterwards but it must be geared towards scientific effectiveness for two more years in total through intermittent leave.

The funding is intended for a three-year period and to finance their own position and material expenses. It is paid out in two instalments where the payment of the second half of the amount is tied to the approval of an application for further research funding by a third institution, for example the DFG, after 18 months.

The application documents include:

  • Curriculum vitae with photo (born after 1 January 1985)
  • If available, evidence of medical specialist training time already completed, of three years in oneclinical subject at the most, including clinical microbiology, laboratory medicine and pathology (preclinical and theoretical subjects, such as epidemiology, pharmacology, immunology are excluded)
  • Publications list without abstracts and talks
  • Project outline with objective and project explanatory statement including schedule and work plan (maximum 5 A4 pages)
  • Recommendation from existing institute/hospital and the host hospital in Germany
  • Declaration from the host hospital regarding leave for exclusive research work in the first year of funding and the guarantee of later intermittent leave for two years in total

Please address all your
 application documents digitally summarised in one PDF document (maximum 10 MB) to The submission deadline is 15 August 2019

Three candidates will reach the final round. A personal interview is planned for them on 11 November in Hamburg. The applicants are expected to be informed about their participation in the calendar week 41, 2019.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact The Jung Foundation for Science and Research, Verena Strasoldo, on 040 880 80 51.