Jung Career Advancement Award

The Jung Career Advancement Award is aimed at outstanding young medical specialists who – preferably after at least two years of scientific research abroad – want to work at a German hospital to intensify their research and to simultaneously complete their residency.
It includes an endowment worth €210,000 with which the laureate finances an own research project over a period of three years.

Many young, highly qualified physicians relocate to foreign universities, institutions and hospitals to study due to conditions which are often more attractive. The Jung Foundation wants to give extremely talented physicians the incentive to return to Germany with the Career Advancement Award. The aim is to strengthen Germany as a location for medical research and bring about a rethink in German research policy in the long term.

The Jung Career Advancement Award has already gone to 13 young medical specialists since it was launched in 2006. It is one of the highest endowed prizes in its category and the only foundation award that can be applied for directly.

An overview of the previous winners of the Jung Career Advancement Award and the other awards of the Jung Foundation can be found here.


Laureate 2023

Laureates 2006 to 2022