Fotograf Eric Anders

Our Jung Fellows have been selected! 5 promising doctoral students in human medicine will now receive a scholarship of 15,000 euros for a year dedicated to research. We warmly congratulate Amber Laureen Böhme, Judith Rössinger, Maximilian Kolbe, Lena Sophie Niehoff (left to right) as well as Christine Linda Dowling (not in the picture) on joining the Jung family and look forward to supporting them on their way with the excellent contacts of our foundation members and the knowledge of our award winners.

The promotion of cutting-edge research in human medicine is our main concern. For this reason, we have now extended our support to young medical scientists and launched the Ernst Jung Fellowship Program at the beginning of the year. This is initially limited to Hamburg and supports selected doctoral students in medicine with a scholarship totaling 15,000 euros. This year this support goes to Amber Laureen Böhme, Maximilian Kolbe, Lena Sophie Niehoff, Judith Rössinger and Christine Linda Dowling. This money is deliberately not earmarked for a specific purpose, so that we can enable the future physicians to devote themselves full-time to demanding research projects and even take a break from their medical studies. The program also offers other advantages: The fellows benefit from contacts to outstanding scientists in the field and the extensive knowledge of the foundation's highly esteemed panel members. The young physicians can also participate in the Ernst Jung Symposium for Medical Research, at which the award winners of the Jung Foundation present their excellent research work every year.