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The Jung Foundation for Science and Research is committed to human medical science. It honours basic research in human medicine and especially the further research of clinical importance with three prizes awarded annually. The aim is to promote the development of new treatment options. The Jung Prize for Medicine, the Jung Gold Medal for Medicine and the Jung Career Advancement Award for Medical Research rank among the highest awards of their category throughout Europe with a total sum of €540,000.

Throughout their careers, the winners of the Jung Prize for Medicine have received other important awards as well. Three of them have even been awarded a Nobel Prize: Prof. Dr. Rolf Martin Zinkernagel in 1996, Prof. Dr. Harald zur Hausen in 2008 and Prof. Emmanuelle Charpentier in 2020.

Once a year, the Jung Foundation honors its award winners in an award ceremony. In 2022, this event took place on a small scale on May 12. Impressions of the event as well as the portraits of the award winners, the laudations of the Scientific Advisory Board and the speeches of thanks by the laureates can be viewed here. In addition to the award ceremony, the Jung Symposium has been held since 2021, at which the award winners present their excellent research. You can find the presentations and impressions here.

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